Recover a Sense of the Sacred.

Laity Lodge is a place of subtle discovery: an ecumenical retreat center in the Texas Hill Country. Since 1961, guests from all walks of life have made their way to this outpost along the Frio River, slowing down to discover—in nature, in conversations around the table, in times of quiet reflection, and in participation in the arts—the nearness and goodness of God.


The Lodge has suspended our normal retreat schedule from now until fall 2017, so that we can embark upon our first major renovation in fifty years. Our new Laity Lodge Renovation microsite is chronicling this historic reconstruction project from concept to completion.



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The Box Canyon is an ongoing series of features—films, essays, and other dispatches—from Laity Lodge.


What was once provided solely through the resources of one family has grown to include support from many friends … primarily people like you who have experienced the richness of a Laity Lodge retreat.


1Why is it called Laity Lodge?
"Laity" comes from a Greek word that means "the people of God," and in common parlance is meant to designate those in a church's congregation who are not clergy.
2What does the registration fee cover?
All meals, programs, and lodging are included.
3What are the accommodations?
Laity Lodge consists of three different guest room buildings: the Lodge, Black Bluff, and Cedar Brake. Each offers something slightly unique while maintaining a consistent level of quality.
4May I request a particular building/room?
Our Registrar makes housing assignments based on program needs and availability. If you’ve been to a retreat before and have a preference, you can note that in the comments section of your registration.
5Do you have accommodations for special needs?
Please indicate any special needs on your registration. ADA rooms are available. The kitchen will happily try to satisfy any dietary restrictions. Just let us know.
6What time do the retreats start?
Unless otherwise indicated, retreats begin at 6:30 p.m. with a reception and conclude at noon on the last day of the retreat. Arrivals begin at 3:00 p.m.
7What activities can I expect at a retreat?
A relaxed pace allows time for developing new friendships, sharing in small groups, interacting with gifted resource people, or enjoying solitude. Afternoons afford a variety of recreational activities. Depending on one’s individual need, ample opportunities abound for canoeing, hiking, reading, study, a paddle-boat ride, kayaking, biking, a set of tennis, arts/crafts, or simply a peaceful nap in a hammock. The Laity Lodge bookstore offers countless volumes of varied literature for hours of reading pleasure.
8Will my mobile phone/computer work?
Mobile phones don’t work in the Canyon. There are no telephones, televisions, radios, or internet access in the rooms. Limited Wi-Fi is available in and around the Great Hall.
9How can I be contacted in an emergency?
Call the front desk at 830-232-3640. Our staff will relay the message promptly.
10Do you offer group registration for retreats?
We do! Call Ann Jack, the Laity Lodge Registrar, during business hours at 830-315-9230, or email her at
11Can I bring my children? Pets? Firearms?
Laity Lodge is an adult retreat center. High school aged children can attend a retreat for the same registration fee as an adult. Although we welcome registered service animals if they are needed to assist you during your stay, please leave your pets at home. Please leave your firearms at home as well..
12What is the relationship between Laity Lodge and the H-E-B grocery store?
Laity Lodge sits on a 1,900-acre ranch purchased by Howard and Mary Holdsworth Butt in 1954. Howard was the president of the grocery company, which his mother started in Kerrville in 1905. In 1961, Laity Lodge took shape under the direction of their son, Howard Butt, Jr., and now the third generation, Deborah and David Rogers.